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Upgrade from free hosting to paid hosting package
1. Backup the web site to your computer.
2. Purchase a Hosting package from our online store.
3. In control panel navigate to your website and on the right side click “Delete website” link. Follow the instructions for website deletion.
4. In user menu click on "Websites" link. And on the right side click "Create" for the hosting package you've just purchased. Now you can use the same name as for your free hosting package.
5. Upload the website content.

Because paid and free web sites are hosted on different servers the upgrade will cause the site to be inaccessible from parts on the Internet from 30 to 120 minutes. It happens because of DNS replication delays.

If you are also using SQL database it’s also highly recommended that you’d move your database to the paid package because free websites get deleted for inactivity and with the website database will be deleted too.

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