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Setup mail client
Please read this section only if you mailboxes setup with Doka management panel. If you redirect your mail to a third party provider please contact the provider on how to setup the mail clients.

Before you'll be able to setup the mail client you need to add a mailbox with Doka control panel.

After mailbox is created you'll see the required info.
You will need to mimic the following settings in an Email client such as Outlook Express or Eudora:
   Email Address:
   POP3 (Incoming) Server:
   SMTP (Outgoing) Server:
   Password: Password chosen in the Mail Manager
   SMTP (Outgoing) server authentication is required.
   SMTP user name: YourSMTPUser
   SMTP password: YourSMTPPassword
   Important Notes:
   * Replace "EmailAccount" with the email account name you wish to setup.
   * Replace "" with your domain name.
   * Make sure that both the Email address and User include
   Doka has implemented the mandatory use of Server Authentication when sending email messages through the mail servers. This authentication has been implemented due to security reasons and in order to combat spam usage of the mail servers.
   For answers to any further questions regarding this topic, please email and remember to supply the User Name to the account being referenced.
   If you are experiencing problems when attempting to connect, please do the following:
   1 - Make sure that your domain has been transferred to point to our name servers. If the domain has not been transferred to our name servers, Email on your domain will not function.
   2- Make sure that you are using the entire Email address as the user (i.e. User should be in the format and verify that all other settings from above are correct.
   3- If you are able to retrieve mail, but unable to send mail, the most likely problem is that your ISP is blocking port 25 to combat spam. To get around this, you will need to use port 26 for SMTP server (Outgoing).
   4- Contact with the following information:
   (a) Your Account User Name
   (b) Your Domain Name
   (c) The specific error message that you are receiving in your mail client.
   (d) The exact settings (from above) that you are using.
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