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What type of support provided for self-managed Virtual servers

Self managed servers are provided with a clean Operating system and configured to have Internet connection and remote access.

For the service duration we guarantee to provide an Internet connection to the server and to make sure that the hypervisor is running without any issues. This is analogous to providing Internet and Power to a dedicated server.

However we cannot guarantee that the Operating system of the Virtual server will continue to run smoothly during the whole service duration.

The OS can get misconfigured by the user, it can get infected by a virus or a custom software may make the OS unresponsive. This is a customer's responsibility to diagnose and fix OS issues.

If the virtual server becomes unresponsive, meaning that you are unable to access it remotely, the first step would be to login to our control panel, go to the server properties page and open the Web console. This is like having a monitor connected to a computer. You will have a full graphical display, mouse and keyboard. Try fixing the OS issues over the Web console.

If you are unable to fix the server's OS and the server is new or it doesn't contain any important data or you have a backup, you can re-image the server from our control panel. Re-imaging will reinstall the OS on the server and return all settings to default.

If the server contains important data you need to contact our technical support. We can help you in two different ways:

1. We make daily server backups and keep the 7 days backup history. If you want to restore the server to a previous point please contact support and specify the restoration date. It has to be within the last 7 days. This is a free option.

2. We can re-image the server and temporarily attach the old drive to the new server. This will allow you to copy the important data and no data will be lost, but you will have to configure your server from scratch. This option requires a specialist and will cost you $30.

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