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Upload website content

There is two ways how you can upload the website content.

1. Built-in file manager (Faster, with unzip capability) .

In "User menu" navigate to "User -> Managed products -> Websites -> (the website name) -> File manager". Click on "Upload" button, browse for website files and confirm upload.

  Website project may consist of many files. For your convenience the file manager has an unzip capability. For faster upload you can Zip your web project into one zip file and then upload it and unzip in one step by clicking on "Upload and Unzip archives" hyperlink

   Warning!!! Zip archives do not support non English file names. Make sure that all files in the archive are named using only English characters. Otherwise the files will be extracted, but their name changed. Content of the files may be in any encoding.

2. FTP.

In "User menu" navigate to "User -> Managed products -> Websites -> (the website name)". There you'll see the FTP address of your website and FTP credentials. You may use any FTP clients. Both - active and passive FTP modes are supported, but Passive mode s preferred.

   Important! FTP root directory is NOT the root directory of your website! Do not upload files into FTP root directory! Navigate to a directory with your site name.


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