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Virtual server upgrade
You can upgrade (change properties) of your virtual server at any time, however the process is not automated. 
There is no upgrade fees, but server price will change according to standard pricing. 
Please note, the billing cycle will reset after each upgrade and unused amount from previous invoice will be deducted from the new invoice.

Follow this process:

1. To estimate price of the upgrade  - In user menu of Doka control panel go to Account -> Active packages and click on the Virtual server package you'd like to upgrade. If package can be upgraded you'll see a "Customize it" link. Click on that link. You can now change settings to see the price of the new package. DO NOT Click "Order now" button or you will be ordering another server.

2. Using ticket system contact technical support and provide the new server specifications. If you understand the new pricing and billing cycle reset, confirm to support that they can proceed immediately, otherwise you will receive a message from support with details of pricing change.

3. After upgrade is completed you'll get the new invoice. If automatic payment is enabled it will be processed. If not, you'll need to pay the new Invoice within 24 hours.

Please note:

a) In most cases the server will be rebooted.
b) The system hard drive cannot be shrinked without Operating System (OS) reinstall and data loss.
c) If hard drive is expanded it will not be immediately visible to the OS. You'll need to use OS Storage Manager to extend it. You may also need to reboot the server before changes are visible.
d) If you order new IPs, after upgrade they will be directed to your server's VLAN, however you'll need to assign them to network interface in the server's OS.

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