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I have uploaded files, but it showing “Site under construction”

When opening a website in a web browser, If there is no explicitly specified document in URL (ex: instead of ) web server will serve one of  default document registered for the website.

When your website is created there are several default documents already registered with the website:  default.aspx, default.htm, default.asp, index.asp, index.html and index.htm.

A Default.asp file is placed into your website root directory during website creation process. So, when you first open your website this document is displayed because it’s one of the default documents. And this is why you see “Site under construction” page. 

To server your own content you can:

1. Delete the default.asp page and upload your own pages. If none of your pages are listed as a  default document for the website you’ll have to add another  default document

2. You can edit the Default.asp page in our file manager

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