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Create a website

 Before you will be able to create a website you need to acquire webhosting package in our store under "Web hosting" category.

After you acquired desired hosting package, in "User menu" pane navigate to "User -> Managed products -> Websites".

You will see the list of available hosting packages. Click on "Create website" link to proceed.

You'll be redirected to website creation page.

There you'll need to provide default website name, pick ASP.Net version. You may also provide a website title and description . It's useful if hosting provider would publish your site in rating lists.

After all information is entered click "Create website" button and wait until system finishes. The process of creation will take from several seconds up to a several minutes. After you'll receive a confirmation, you'll be able to begin using your website.

Please read the following information to better understand the process of website creation: 

In order to understand what happens when you create a website we'll describe what processes performed when you click a "Create website" button in the following steps:

1. Depending on your hosting package, system automatically picks most suitable web server.

2. In our DNS server, system creates two A records pointing to the selected web server. First - is your site name (usually subdomain + provider domain) and another is the site name with "www." prefix. Both of these names could be used to access your web site. Because hosting providers usually have only one primary DNS server and at least one secondary DNS server there is a replication delay between them. Until DNS changes are replicated to all secondary DNS servers the website name will not be available to all Internet users.

3. On selected Windows web server, system creates a Windows user account for FTP access (which is the same as your Doka panel user). And another anonymous account for website access, folder security and disk quota management.

4. On selected web server, system creates directories for website content and protected content.

5. For created directories system sets security settings. By default your website is running under special anonymous account which has full control over the directory. This anonymous account created for every website ant it is NOT a "NETWORK SERVICE" account. For more details please look at folder access right configuration

6. On the hard drive of the website directory, system adds disk quota entry, limiting amount of disk space available to your website. If you have multiple websites on the same hard drive than your disk quota will be a sum of disk space quotas of all your websites.

7. On the same server, system adds entry in Internet Information Service (IIS) for your website. If your webhosting plan supports shared IP address than IIS bindings are created for your site names (same as DNS names). If you plan supports dedicated IP address than bindings are created for that IP address, and in this case you'll be able to access your website by your dedicated IP address also.

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