MS SQL package "Stayer" 12 Months - Product details
MS SQL package "Stayer" 12 Months
3GB Database size. 12 month billing interval.
Package properties and sub-plans
Billing interval
12 Months
1 x MS SQL plan "Stayer"
Auto backup
MS SQL database size
3000 MB
MS SQL log size
1500 MB
MS SQL Full text search
Database auto backup
Backup storage size
10000 MB
FTP access to backup
Database auto backup every
12 hours
Keep database auto backups for
24 hours
MS SQL login accounts
MS SQL 2000
MS SQL 2005
MS SQL 2005 Express
MS SQL 2008 R2
MS SQL 2008 R2 Express
MS SQL 2012 Express
MS SQL 2012
MS SQL 2014 Express
MS SQL 2014
MS SQL 2016 Express
MS SQL 2016
MS SQL 2019 Express
MS SQL 2019
Monthly: 7.85 USD
Total price: 94.20 USD
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