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What is the ASP third party components

ASP third party components

We support both commercial and custom COM objects. If you need a commercial component that is not on our list or you have a custom COM object that you need to install on our servers, please let us know.
We also support .NET assemblies utilized by ASP.NET’s code behind feature. There is no code review requirement for DLL files placed in your /bin directory and used with the code behind feature.

List of ASP components:

Microsoft Corp.
• OWC (Office Web Components)
IP*Works! Internet Toolkit v5
(includes FTP, HTTP, ICMP, IMAP, DNS, LDAP, Multicast, MIME, MX, Encoding, NNTP, Ping, POP, RCP, Rexec, Rshell, SMTP, SNMP, SNPP, SOAP, Telnet, TFTP, TraceRoute, UDP, Whois, XML, and more.) documentation
Persit Software Inc
• ASPUpload v3.0.0.3 (Persits.Upload) documentation
• ASPEmail v5 (Persits.MailSender) documentation
• ASPEncrypt v2.2 (Persits.Crypto) documentation
ServerObjects Inc.
• ASPMail v4.1.0 (SMTPsvg.Mailer) documentation
• ASPHTTP v3.5.3 (ASPHTTP.Conn) documentation
• ASPPOP3 v2.5.2 (POP3svg.Mailer) documentation
• ASPImage v2.01 (ASPImage.Image) documentation
• ASPSock v1.50 (ASPSock.Conn) documentation
• ASPDNS v2.75 (ASPDNS.Lookup) documentation
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