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Restore database

Database restore allows you to easily deploy your database on servers managed with Doka panel. Just backup the database at your development environment, upload it to Backup location and restore.

Warning! When you restore from backup file ALL previous database data will be lost! If you need the previous data make sure to backup the database first!


To restore the database: In "User menu" navigate to "User -> Managed products -> MS SQL -> Databases -> (Database name) -> Restore database".

There you'll have two options. You can restore from a backup file already stored in "Backup location", or you can upload a new backup file and restore from it.

Warning! There are some limitations on database backup files:

- When you backup a database at your development environment make sure that the database have only one Data file (*.mdf) one Log file (*.ldf) and one or zero full text catalogs. Databases spread over several files are not supported!

- Data and Log file sizes have to be less or equal to the values allowed by MS SQL hosting plan.

- MS SQL version of backup file has to be equal or lower than MS SQL version of database created with Doka panel.

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