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Backup database

MS SQL database backup creates a database snapshot and stores all database information (data files, log files and full text catalogs) in a single backup file. That backup file than can be used to deploy the database to a different MS SQL server or to restore the database to previous state.

We recommend using Backup/Restore option to deploy your databases to MS SQL servers running under Doka management panel. This is the only option to deploy a MS SQL database with Full text search support! 

To backup database hosted under Doka panel:

Login into Doka control panel trough your webhosting provider. In "User menu" navigate to "User -> Managed products -> MS SQL -> Databases -> (Database name) -> Backup database".

Database backup file will be placed to default backup location. You'll be able to access it with file manager or FTP to download the backup file.


To understand how to backup database on your development environment for deployment to our servers, please read help on MS SQL database backup of your MS SQL Server management software.

Or run the following T-SQL command on your local database:

BACKUP DATABASE DBName TO DISK = 'Full path' WITH  INIT ,  NOUNLOAD ,  NAME = 'Backup file name',  NOSKIP ,  STATS = 10,  NOFORMAT


DBName is MS SQL database name you are trying to backup.

Full path is the path on your local system where you want to write a backup file.

Than you can use the backup file to deploy your database to our servers by restoring it with Doka panel.


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