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Add a domain to your web site

At the moment, hosting providers who utilize Doka panel for webhosting management are unable to sell second level domains ( This feature will be available in the following releases.

When website is created it already has a default domain name (sub-domain of hosting provider domain). If, however, you'd like to assign additional domain name you can do it, if your hosting plan allows. All types of domains are supported, including international ones (.com, .net, .org, .us...)


The procedure of adding new domain described in the following steps. If you already have a domain name registered with domain name registrar, skip the first step:

1. Acquire a domain name with domain name registrar.

2. Login at Doka control panel

3. Navigate to "User -> Managed products -> Websites -> (your site name) -> Domains"

4. In the textbox type in the domain name and click "Add new domain" button. The domain name will appear in domain name list. Remember the Name Servers to which the domain name was assigned.

5. Login at your Domain name registrar management panel and assign Name Servers taken from step 4 to the domain name. If you not sure how to update name servers please consult with your domain name registrar.

It may take up to 48 hours for domain name to start working properly. However there is a chance that it will be available immediately after you complete all steps. If it ’s not, try to check it every 30 minutes.

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