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Access virtual server with ESXi vSphere Client
The ESXi vSphere Client is the hypervisor client for accessing the virtual servers. We only recommend using it to access your virtual server when built in management clients are not responding. You can also use it to access the server when it has a general network problem.

Because this is a Hypervisor client, you are connecting to the Hypervisor host machine and not directly to your virtual server. Therefore, you have to use different set of “Server name/username/password” than you would use with Remote desktop or SSH.
ur Virtual server either with built in management software or with Hypervisor. Depending on that, you need to use different properties for Server name/Username/Password.

Login to our control panel and navigate to Managed products -> Virtual servers -> [Virtual server name]

Click on “Management software download URL” link, download and install the client.

Start the vSphere client
For “IP address/Name“ field in the vSphere client please use “Host server address” property from server’s properties page in our control panel.

For the “Username” and “Password” in vSphere client please use your username and password from our control panel.
Once logged in please expand the host in the left panel and you will see the virtual server. Right click on the server and in the drop down menu click “Open console”
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