Free hosting package - Product details
Free hosting package
Package supports: ASP, ASP.Net, MS Access, MS SQL database. Single third level domain. Single addon web domain.

- No adult or illegal content;
- Can't be used as a file storage or for "hot linking";
- Website must be visited at least 5 times per month;
- Hiding of our advertisement is not allowed.
Package properties and sub-plans
Limit per account
1 x Hosting plan "Freebie"
Instant setup
Storage capacity
150 MB
Usage statistics
Usage logs
Auto backup
Monthly transfer
5 GB/Month
FTP access
ASP.Net Core 2.2/3.1/5.0
ASP.Net code behind
AJAX 3.5/1.0
MVC v5.0/4.0/3.0/2.0/1.0
MS Report Viewer 2010/2008/2005
MS Access 2007, 2010
Front page extensions
Allow change IIS pipeline
Dedicated web application pool
Forced advertising
1 x MS SQL Plan "Novice"
Auto backup
MS SQL database size
30 MB
MS SQL log size
30 MB
MS SQL Full text search
Database auto backup
Backup storage size
100 MB
FTP access to backup
Database auto backup every
24 hours
Keep database auto backups for
24 hours
MS SQL login accounts
MS SQL 2005 Express
MS SQL 2008 R2 Express
MS SQL 2012 Express
MS SQL 2014 Express
MS SQL 2016 Express
MS SQL 2019 Express
1 x Email plan "Forwarder"
Mail domains
Web mail
SMTP access
POP3 access
IMAP access
MX record redirect
Total price: 0.00 USD
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